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19 People Stabbed Indifferently In Japan


19 People Stabbed Indifferently In Japan

13 children and 6 adults fall victim to the incident.

This morning, 19 people have fallen victim to mass stabbing by a man in Kawasaki, Japan. 13 of those victims were children aged 6-7, schoolgirls who were getting on their bus to Caritas Gakuen (Caritas Elementary School).

Unfortunately, three have been said to not show vital signs, two of which were children.

This aerial photo shows the scene of an attack in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. Picture: AP

According to NHK reporters, the mass stabbing that happened just southwest of central Tokyo was done by a man in his 40s or 50s. The man was detained with heavy injuries in his shoulder dealt by himself. Two knives were found close by in a park.

Later, two victims have been confirmed dead, presumed to be the children. Meanwhile, officials haven’t given any statement regarding the motivation behind the perpetrator’s action.

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