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20 Awkward Situations That Will Make You Want To Shrink Into Oblivion


20 Awkward Situations That Will Make You Want To Shrink Into Oblivion

Why did I do that? Why do I have to see this?

From bakers who misspelled Lizard as Loser to friends with good intentions that gave you Marie Curie birthday cake instead of Mariah Carrey. Life is full of surprises and people make mistakes, which go hand in hand in the pictures we’re about to show you.

And just a mild warning here: you will feel second-hand embarrassment from seeing these pictures and they might just make you go a little conscious on the things you do for the day. Or the week.

1. She hasn’t stabbed herself, yet.

© pieCharmed / reddit

2. Poster’s son walked up to a dude to tell him his pants are down.

© imblackgrapes / reddit

3. Someone thought this was a real dog and actually played with it.

© vividvelveteen / twitter

4. The school lost his out of 153 forms of personal questions. He was so hyped to get his yearbook.

© Its_just_Connor / reddit

5. Dude left his shoes on a subway as the door close.

© ryandrums14 / reddit

6. 5 minutes left before the trip begins.

© monkaSS1 / reddit

7. Somebody was dragged here. The screen reads: “Dumb question — How long does a baseball game last?”

© Brad_Gagnon / twitter

8. Is this why Apple removes headphone jacks?

© NRL87 / reddit 

9. Grey hair in the wig.

© SavannahPaytash / reddit

10. Rubber duck on dashboard melts under the sun.

© markyshmarky / twitter

11. It was supposed to be the laptop from the kitchen counter.

© abbydermody / twitter

12. Friends gave her a Marie Curie birthday cake. She wanted Mariah Carey.

© harrietalida / twitter

13. “My mom found out I got my nipples pierced today.”

© Sydney_allenn / twitter

14. Not my toilet. It was an emergency. And they ran out of toilet paper when it’s halfway out.

© thepoormanguise / reddit

15. Got a new mouse!

© Aldeeny0 / reddit

16. These erasable inks easily disintegrate with heat. So, this book got left under the sun.

© sweetbabygreen / reddit

17. Wife said she left the iPad in the car and I’ve been looking for it for a good half hour.

© insoh2 / reddit

18. Her nickname was Lizard.

© 725103121292414 / reddit

19. Left slippers in the window for 2 months and it shrunk.

© vuhsachi / twitter

20. “I’ve been looking for this thing for WEEKS.”

© kmonte1313 / twitter
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