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29 Unique Ideas That Will Make Your Kitchen Highly Productive


29 Unique Ideas That Will Make Your Kitchen Highly Productive

Eating is essential for us to stay alive and kitchen is where the magic happens. And there are typical gadgets and equipment that most of us have there: a toaster, a microwave, knives, and probably water filters for some.

Very typical.

So, we looked into it a little bit and found these amazing collections of things your kitchen should have. Why are toasters separated from microwaves? And how can you make corner shelves less annoying? Coffee lovers will also love to have their coffee makers built in the wall!

Microwave with shelving, so you can put in up to 3 dishes at a time.

The microwave is open and there is a shelving with two additional floors, so you can put it 3 small plates at once.
© Unknown author / Imgur  

Microwave that slides out like a drawer.

The big microwave placed under the kitchen counter slides out like a drawer.
© Unknown author / Imgur  

Dice your potato without holding any knife at all.

The machine creates perfect cube cut of food and it looks like it's cutting potato.

You knock on the refrigerator and it’ll show you what you have!

This automatic water pitcher is attached to the refrigerator.

A built-in water pitcher for a fridge.
© FocusPuRe / Reddit  

How to ditch the tedious work of dish washing.

Toaster and microwave 2-in-1 is what we have been waiting for.

Toaster built inside a microwave. Enough for two pieces of bread.
© troyareyes / Reddit 

A unique way to design functional and convenient cabinets.

The dishwasher is built-in with the stove. Way to go to save space!

Dishwasher built into the stove so they take up only one cabinet slot.
© missedher_jones / Reddit 

We can all agree anything that make sounds, should have a ‘sound off’ button.

There's a sound on/off button on the microwave circled in red.
© kfaust3032 / Reddit

Or ‘a bit more’ button to get it just right.

There is a 'A bit more' button on the microwave.
© redditreader_v / Reddit 

Unique corner cabinet design that rotates as you pull for ease of use.

The ambidextrous refrigerator door!

Three pictures collaged: the left picture shows the fridge opens to the right, the mid picture shows the fridge close and the left picture shows the fridge opens to the left.
© Unknown author / Imgur 

It lets you look at your toast as it’s cooked. This is the toaster for those who are not bakers.

There's a Lift and Look button tapped and the toast in process is visible.
© stefanielouise / Reddit 

Ladder that can be pull out from the lower cabinet to reach higher ones.

This fridge door is equipped with a camera that snaps a picture of what you have in here. Then you can check your pictures, so you can avoid buying the fourth bottle of mango juice and finally remembers that you already run out of fresh milk.

There is a small camera right below the shelving of the door. There are three identical bottles of mango juices on the shelf.
© Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends 

The table and chair can be pulled out and slid into between the cabinets.

How coffee lovers save space: by installing a coffee maker in the wall.

A coffee maker is seen installed inside the wall on the counter.
© thebigbadwulf1 / Reddit

This toaster is built like a drawer in the wall. Talking about space-saving.

The toaster is built like a drawer in the wall. It has four available slots.
© Unknown author / Imgur 

Another toaster designed for those who are not bakers and prefer to not burn their toasts.

The toaster is transparent, so you can see the toast while it's turned on.
© Lady_Ange / Reddit 

It’s a fancy tissue roller with USB charging slots.

A big tissue roller has 4 visible USB slots and what seems to be up/down volume.
© Unknown author / Imgur 
It has double doors!

$13,000 patented technology on this vacuum tea machine will make you tea tastes different.

Just hover your hand and your bin knows what to do. (there are even small red LEDs to show how long before it’s closed)

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