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21 Things That Have Been Very Well-Taken Cared Of And Became History


21 Things That Have Been Very Well-Taken Cared Of And Became History

How do grandparents do that?

Whoever can agree that a Dyson that lasts a decade is a remarkable feat will definitely drop their jaws seeing these things. Some of then are over a hundred years old and are still being used until today! They contain so many stories that will allow anyone using them to feel honored and nostalgic.

And seriously, all it takes is to pay extra attention to cleaning and keeping them in good shape from time to time. If you do, what you own might end up in the list below!

1. Boy uses Timberland backpack since 2001.

© Pondskimmer / reddit

2. Mr. Allen Swift was 102 years old when he’d driven his 1982 Roll-Royce Piccadilly P1 Roadster for 82 years.

© ClubTactical / reddit

3. Man had a picture of him and mother in 1977 in West Germany and all by himself in 2014 in New Jersey. Both have the same ‘Queen’s Chair.’

© wavemotionmachines / reddit

4. This fireplace is over 130 years old and is out of production.

© Zulathan / reddit

5. A 1950s Dormeyer Silver Star from late grandmother.

© gemini8200 / reddit

6. An old toy car that has been used by 7 kids and bought 35 years ago.

© An_antitheist / reddit

7. A leather backpack grandpa bought for school in 1991.

© PoodleFan / reddit

8. Grandpa had gold plated DE razor from the 40s and it’s now his grandson’s.

© rivet_head99 / reddit

9. This upright vacuum cleaner that has been keeping the house clean for more than 40 years.

© Lockwood85 / reddit

10. Grandparents’ toastmaster from 1956 and still usable even after they’ve passed away.

© Ryanfromithaca / reddit

11. Grandad’s 1969 Omega Chronostop that can reach 9000 euros.

© RooR_ / reddit

12. This is a Sony Trinitron from late 60s and still can play Atari 2600 Woody well.

© LePhillip / reddit

13. Mother’s denim jacket from Spain in 1982.

© lost_water_bottle / reddit

14. This 1960s David Douglas Pyrex percolator still has all original parts and brews a perfect 8 cup pot in 5 minutes.

© SkootchDown / reddit

15. A 1957 Leica M3 which has been serving well for 61 years.

© maximum-aloofness / reddit

16. This lady’s favorite jeans were bought by Mom from Guess in 1985.

© annelinda / reddit

17. A 1969 Raleigh Sports bicycle that seems to last forever.

© mittenthemagnificent / reddit

19. Magnificent 60s BMW motorcycle looks and runs as good as new.

© sightlab / reddit

19. A Transformers tent that is at least 33 years old.

© houseboy227 / reddit

20. Courteney Cox bought that beautiful pair of dress 21 years ago!

© courteneycoxofficial / Instagram

21. This is the 11th bride to wear the same heirloom wedding dress that is over 120 years old.

© Good Morning America / Twitter

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