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Turns Out, The Modern CPR Doll’s Face Is A Replica Of The 19th Century Drowned Woman’s Face


Turns Out, The Modern CPR Doll’s Face Is A Replica Of The 19th Century Drowned Woman’s Face

Dubbed as the “most kissed face” of all time.

Are you shocked or surprise about CPR Doll Face?

It’s no surprise that many commonly known things and events have turned out to be a source and origin of some modern objects.

For instance, the Stethoscope – an important piece of the medical equipment became something that can’t be detached in the history of medicine since invented under quite an amazing scenario.

 In the 19th century, doctors had heavily relied on placing their ears on the patient’s body to read their heartbeat, but a physician, named Rene Laennec, became uncomfortable while examining a female patient that closely, hence he got a piece of paper, rolled it and it turns out to be the first stethoscope created.

On the other hand, “L’ Inconnue de la Seine” was a woman whose passed away mask captivated hundreds and equally saved a thousand.

While some stories have some griming beginning, “L’ Inconnue de la Seine” is recognized as a morbid icon in the art world. Her portrait displayed being passed away as well as a sense of peace.

With the exact origin still not verified, it is widely known that the unidentified woman has captivated thousands and was probably a victim of suicide.

Nicolas Halftermeyer

 “The unidentified woman of the seine is a fashion icon with women trying to model their looks on her.” Some scholars and historians had earlier noted.

Megan Rosenbloom
Richard Jonkman

And now, Asmund Laerdal and Peter Safar – the creators of the first aid mannequin Resusci Anne has decided to use Seine Woman’s passed away mask as the modern face of the CPR Doll.

George Hodan
Till Krech

Dubbed as the “most kissed face” of all time, the mannequin is presently used for several CPR courses.

John Haslam
Phil Parker

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