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19 Authentic Comparisons That Can Turn Your World Upside Down


19 Authentic Comparisons That Can Turn Your World Upside Down

Woah, the difference.

Do you still remember how small you were when you were just a wee-baby? Now look at you in the mirror – proud and tall (compared to when you were less than a meter). Imagine if you are able to put you and the small you side-by-side. Must be amazing to see just how much you’ve changed!

Pictures that were taken in different times and same place or pictures of similar things, yet different, taken side-by-side can be really mindblowing. Nobody ever thought about how German avocadoes are so small! Here are 19 incredible pictures taken from Internet users, for Internet users.

1. Venezuelan avocadoes are huge compared to German avocadoes on eco-market.

© phanthomias / instagram

2. Tuscany near San Quirico d’Orcia: Early October vs end of May.

© dcdead / reddit

3. New filter and 3-month old filter

© Thank_Mimes / reddit

4. This horrifying giant Mississippi mosquito.

© Hudly11 / reddit

5. Calf muscle deterioration after breaking the heel.

© AlkalineCosmos / reddit

6. Tan and natural skin. From the same man.

© MadoneXI / reddit

7. A knife that has been used for 20 years vs. a brand new one.

© iruvyouskyrine / reddit

8. 11-days old mouse next to a newborn baby mouse.

© fancyfeeders / Instagram

9. Same couple in 1963 in front of their house and 56 years later today.

© LovelandOhio / reddit

10. Berlin vs Berlin.

© stimps0n / reddit

11. A whale shark and a diver.

© Glock_Block3r / reddit

12. 1829 vs 2015.

© Jack_Enoff / reddit

13. “The one group you always stick with.”

© Tib3t / reddit

14. The same place taken during war times and now.

© StarBringerKai / reddit

15. Ken doll from 1985 vs. Ken from 2018.

© sum1otherthanme / reddit

16. The paw of a liger (lion x tiger hybrid) when it was 9 weeks old and 1.5 years old

© tiffy_marie_ / Instagram

17. Man doing God’s work on #trashtag challenge.

© IlConteiacula / reddit

18. Steve Irwin feeding the crocodile his son, Robert Irwin, feeds 15 years later in the same place.

© Tlotpwist / reddit

19. Goose egg vs. Hen egg in the same farm.

© famille_fermette / Instagram

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