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17 Masterpieces From Designers That Will Make You Go ‘Wow’


17 Masterpieces From Designers That Will Make You Go ‘Wow’

These people managed to ‘wow’ed us with their amazing product designs. There is a reason why some people deserve the Nobel Prize for solving problems that could have been solved ages ago. And what’s really mind-blowing is that none of them require technological advancement to do.

These designers are so creative that we wished we’ve thought of these things before sooner.

1. Dumbell-shaped water bottle.

© leaderwho/ reddit

2. Swimming fins.


3. Crosswalk signal button with signage that shows exactly the number of lanes and direction of traffic.

© beaned1 / Reddit

4. For Nutella lovers.

© Paolo Ulian

5. Lounge chair in your dock.

© sedano704 / Reddit

6. A really fit and sporty bag (of bread).

© chidori1010 / Twitter

7. It’s literally water.

© bruins1924 / Reddit

8. Bicycle rack looks like toothpaste.

© madentr12 / Reddit

9. Salt ‘n pepper in a single shaker.

© Lego_Loser / Reddit

10. This hot sauce explodes.

© DemSpinMachine / Reddit

11. Creative restaurant sign that hides in the shadow.

© Cortinian / Reddit

12. Open book-shaped bench.

© diogosavoldi / Reddit

13. Sticky page markers for Godzilla lovers.

© Duncan Shotton Design Studio   © dshott _dshott / Instagram

14. Shears that make the perfect cut on cardboards.

15. Passport cover with stitchable part for places you’ve been to.

© MaidInChinaDesign / Etsy

16. For sports lovers.

apparel366 / Instagram

17. This piece of ice easily picks up the excess oil.

© J0hnnyBrav0 / Pikabu

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