17 Masterpieces From Designers That Will Make You Go ‘Wow’

These people managed to ‘wow’ed us with their amazing product designs. There is a reason why some people deserve the Nobel Prize for solving problems that could have been solved ages ago. And what’s really mind-blowing is that none of them require technological advancement to do.

These designers are so creative that we wished we’ve thought of these things before sooner.

1. Dumbell-shaped water bottle.

© leaderwho/ reddit

2. Swimming fins.

© amazon.com

3. Crosswalk signal button with signage that shows exactly the number of lanes and direction of traffic.

© beaned1 / Reddit

4. For Nutella lovers.

© Paolo Ulian

5. Lounge chair in your dock.

© sedano704 / Reddit

6. A really fit and sporty bag (of bread).

© chidori1010 / Twitter

7. It’s literally water.

© bruins1924 / Reddit

8. Bicycle rack looks like toothpaste.

© madentr12 / Reddit

9. Salt ‘n pepper in a single shaker.

© Lego_Loser / Reddit

10. This hot sauce explodes.

© DemSpinMachine / Reddit

11. Creative restaurant sign that hides in the shadow.

© Cortinian / Reddit

12. Open book-shaped bench.

© diogosavoldi / Reddit

13. Sticky page markers for Godzilla lovers.

© Duncan Shotton Design Studio   © dshott _dshott / Instagram

14. Shears that make the perfect cut on cardboards.

15. Passport cover with stitchable part for places you’ve been to.

© MaidInChinaDesign / Etsy

16. For sports lovers.

apparel366 / Instagram

17. This piece of ice easily picks up the excess oil.

© J0hnnyBrav0 / Pikabu
Hadley Stewart

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