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30 Photos Showing The Dystopian World We Are Living In Right Now


30 Photos Showing The Dystopian World We Are Living In Right Now

When will people realize?

Is this is a beautiful world we are living in? I believe all of us have been on both sides of the meter. We feel like crap when we had to fight to pay for our student loan when calling the ambulance cost more than what we earn in a year when we can’t afford the dentist because it’s too much for our financial situation.

Yet, we feel at ease when we stare at the endless horizon of the beach when we hug our cute dog and look in the sparkling eyes of our 7-year-old full of hope. We thought a dystopian world is one we can only find in fiction stories where AI robots take over the country and people are brainwashed to do the evil’s bidding.

We never thought that we’d be living in one. We never thought that we’d be playing a part in that world, powerless to do what’s right.

These are 30 pictures that show just how close we are to a dystopian world and perhaps, our world ended during World War II. We are at the endgame now.

1. Immigrants are the scapegoat.

2. Caleb has a degree in Zoology and after asking what the customer’s favorite animal is, he will tell them interesting facts while making their orders.


3. Yeah, they are the ‘real’ problem.

4. Journalistic malpractice shoving the blame to the minority 30%.

5. ‘Aw, he’s such a good person!’

6. Kid is homeless, so he can’t stay on the transplant list.


7. You have to pay to be brought to the hospital.

8. Stealing an education is when you don’t let kids get quality education every kid deserves.

9. No money? Use your blood then.

10. The hypocrisy.

11. She paid $39.95 for ‘skin to skin’ (holding her baby) after delivering.


12. GoFundMe is the real lifesaver.

13. It’s all about that money.


14. Restaurants want customers to pay their employees’ wages. And it’s a norm.


15. Watch this ad because you save your choking grandma.

16. Working is not fun. Not enjoyable. Not even humane to some.


17. “We prepare her case by drawing pictures with crayons. Sometimes she wants to draw ice cream cones and hearts instead.”

18. Powerful people are untouchable.

19. Capitalism.

20. So, they don’t even care if the world can’t sustain itself anymore?


21. Health insurance too expensive? This is your easy way out in America.


22. Couple high on drug vs. parents struggling to feed their baby.


23. Is American ‘great’?


24. Orange is the new black.


25. You should be rich to keep your teeth.

26. Because Uber is cheaper…

27. Change ‘Heartwarming’ to ‘Child Labor’.

28. Why some people just wish to be dead.

29. Google has eyes around you all the time. And you can’t part from them.


30. “Anti-Homeless” Bench.

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