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20 Zealous Dogs Who Know How To Make This World A Better Place


20 Zealous Dogs Who Know How To Make This World A Better Place

Beautiful creatures, such bravery, such love.

Dogs are amazing. They have excellent smells, are sensitive to our change of emotions and can be both ferocious and loving. A loyal dog can fight to the death for their owners and puppies – a lesson of love that all of us can learn. Such is the amazingness of the four-legged man’s best friend.

By no means are we saying that there are lesser dogs among us – no matter the breed, they are creatures that can never stop to surprise us with what they can do and willing to do. Below are 20 times when dogs show how much they have helped us and how we really don’t deserve them.

1. He wears a cape for being a hero!

© dogshaming

2. Juno helps Lucas, the sick boy, to cope with his challenges.

© Lucas Hembree “Prayers for Lucas” / Facebook

3. And there’s a diligent pup! (Dachshund pups are highly prone to back problems, so please refrain from adding pressure on their back!)

© lehnni / reddit

4. Good boys learning how to be even better boys.

© duuuk / reddit

5. Jake was abandoned and now, he won’t abandon anyone under the same situation.

© Dave Munday / Post and Courier

6. Wasao the mascot dog to greet passengers at Ajigasawa Station, Japan.

© peristalsister / reddit

7. “Dogs waiting to enter the hospital rooms of sick children for animal therapy time.”

© MyDaugtersArmy/ Twitter

8. “Warrior Canine Connection service dog being told he’s a good boy.”

© exploreorg / reddit

9. “Bart the service dog helping his owner up to a ramp. Good boy!”

© derawin07 / reddit

10. Air Assault Woofers, reporting in!

© Boonaki / reddit

11. Dory, a court dog, is specially trained to help kids in giving their witness statements in courts.

© lizzibear11 / reddit

12. Bretagne, two years old then, is a rescue dog who helps during the 9/11 incident.

© Denise Corliss / Facebook

13. A man who’s seen enough carnage is receiving love from a beautiful pup.

© Pixabay

14. An autistic boy is being accompanied by his best friend throughout an MRI process to keep him calm.

© Louise Goossens

15. These Golden Retrievers are comforting survivors of the Orlando shooting. Free pets, hugs, licks, and love!

© Sasha Comfort Dog / Facebook

16. She is Frida, a girl who’s saved 52 people during the Mexico earthquake.

© fuckyoureader/ Twitter

17. This mother takes out her pup one by one from a fire into the fire truck.

© teleSUR tv / YouTube

18. Bob almost died from freezing but good boy Kelsey shared his heat for almost 24 hours.

© McLaren Hospital Northern Michigan

19. Layka was shot 4 times and lost one leg as she saved the lives of US troops in Afghanistan. She’s now happily adopted by the man she saved!

© Martin Schoeller / National Geographic

20. Ricochet helps people with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities by surfing with them!

© Surf Dog Ricochet / Facebook

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