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Women Sleep Better Next To Dogs Than Men, Science Says


Women Sleep Better Next To Dogs Than Men, Science Says

Who’s an Ideal Bed Partner?

Unbelievable! But Yes, Science did its research and here are the findings. Women sleep peacefully when they lie beside a dog than men. The best bed partners are pets and not humans.

You might have been sharing a bed with your husband, a friend, a crush or a fiancée, but have you ever slept better?

Do you get troubled while sharing a bed?

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No doubt, we all sleep differently, hence it can be a challenge for a light sleeper whose partner actually snores noisily.

Is this New Research Shocking?

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The New Study from the Department of Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation at Buffalo’s Canisius College revealed these findings and shared it to the world.

They went into discovery to know who sleeps better next to dogs. The research witnessed thousands of women in the United States and about 55% of them shared beds with a dog and 31% shared with a cat.

While 57% shared a bed with their partner

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Cats turned out not to be an ideal bed partner. But dogs were given a thumb up!

It will shock you to however know that beds are naturally attracted to animals for the same reason they are cherished by us. Since beds are normally soft, warm – but sometimes cold and comfortable – Your dog will prefer your bed to theirs if given the ticket.

But wait! Who’s an Ideal Bed Partner?

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Would you choose a human being or a pet?

Nevertheless, even if you are really into a person, you can just allow your dog to share a bed with you.

You Know! For a night of better sleep.

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Men were not poll for the study

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Do you agree with the study?

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