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Incredible Cow Pics That Prove They Are Just Big Dogs


Incredible Cow Pics That Prove They Are Just Big Dogs

Cows give kisses, play with a ball, and loves to cuddle.

When you think of getting a pet, a cow is certainly not the first thing that will pop up in your mind.

Yes, what happens to all the lovely Cats and dogs?

Well, cows are, however, similar to dogs and we, at Waterballoon have compiled photos that prove it.

Same as dogs, cows give kisses, play with a ball, loves to cuddle and obviously love a back rub as well as get curious.

With our collection, we expect you to get motivated and to see how sensitive cows can also be. Accordingly, they need the same ethical treatment given to cats and dogs.

Why not scroll down gently to see for yourself:

#1 A Cuddly Scottish Cow


#2 Dogs Love Cows Too


#3 This Sweet Baby Cow


#4 Cows Will Be Your Friend If You Treat Them Nicely


#5 My Cow Thinks He’s A Dog… We Left The Door Open For 5 Minutes


#6 Cow Snuggles


#7 Cow Catching Snowflakes On His Tongue

Anita Diamantopoulou

#8 So I Was Out Walking My Mini Cow When Howie Mandel Stopped For A Picture


#9 Cows Are Extremely Curious Creatures


#10 Baby Cow That Likes To Cuddle

Billie Jo Decker

#11 Cows Love Being Cuddled

Santuario Igualdad

#12 Happy Cows Returning To The Pasture After A Long Winter In The Cow Shed

Denis Vila

#13 Cows Are Very Affectionate


#14 Sitting Like A Dog

#15 Radar Is Now 11 Months Old But Still Loves His Dog Bed

Karen White

#16 Little Cow Looks So Happy


#17 Cow Loves Rolling His Bale Of Hay

Daniel Rodriguez de la Viuda

#18 Who Doesn’t Like Back Scratches?


#19 Naps And Cuddles


#20 Cows Make Great Companions


#21 Herbie Gets A New Ball


#22 We Found Oliver’s Favorite Spot To Be Scratched

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

#23 Smile


#24 Boy And His Cow Lose Out At Dairy Fair

Mitchell Miner

#25 They Think That He’s A Cow Or That They Are Dogs?

David Minish

#26 Everybody Loves Belly Rubs

Beryl The Brahman

#27 Cows Having Fun Playing With A Hay Bale


#28 A Boy And His Cow Napping At The Goshen Fair


#29 The Sweet Giant


#30 Babies

Ashley Gilley Photography

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