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All-New Mac Pro Has a $999 Stand That Can Be Bought Separately


All-New Mac Pro Has a $999 Stand That Can Be Bought Separately

It’s almost $1,000 just to make your monitor spins and fancy.

Just recently, Apple announced the all-new Mac-Pro which has a fantastic price of $5,999. But hey, despite the shocking number, it’s not weird for Apple to give their products premium price. We expect premium quality in everything that comes with a silver apple logo.

But would you pay $999 for a monitor stand?

That’s what Apple is challenging their loyalists with. They are also releasing the pro-stand that won’t come with the monitor which also cost $999. During Apple press release in WWDC, they revealed that you can pre-order the item starting from fall.

There is also the VESA mount adapter that cost only $199.

So, what’s so special about this $999 Pro Stand?

The spin equals money.
Apple Inc.

Yeah, it spins. You can turn your monitor into horizontal or vertical orientation with the stand. Some people think it turns the monitor into a fidget spinner and let’s be frank; we won’t be turning our precious $5,000 just because we feel like it.

The Pro Display XDR is certainly captivating; it has 28 cores in its Xeon processors and comes with 1.4 terabyte space. The best thing that every artist will drool over is the powerful graphics card that comes with it and Retina 6K resolution.

Pro Display XDR with Retina 6K resolution.
Apple Inc.

Do you think the stand is worth it? Would you order the groundbreaking new Mac Pro or XDR monitor with the stand this fall?

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