Angry Flock Of Geese Interrupts Golf Games As They Chase Out An Alligator

These geese don’t think they should let alligator off the hook. After sitting on the bottom of the food chain for so long, they think that it’s about time to show that they are more than squawk and flap.

A group of people at a golf course was shocked when an alligator walked into the field. But they were soon laughing in awe when they notice that the alligator was not hunting or simply passing by. It was being chased down by a flock of geese.

Gosh, the Internet has unlimited weird and hilarious things to show.

During the second annual Christie’s Critters Invitational on The Champion Course at PGA National, this gator made it to the spotlight. Golfers ran towards golf carts for safety while they observed the hilarious sight.

Meanwhile, these geese don’t think they should be worried about flying away. Because they were marching at definitely calling the gator off. Is this a sign of evolution and natural selection?

What’s so entertaining is that the geese were walking slowly and this gator didn’t seem to be in a hurry to run away. But we never knew why he kept up the front as if he’s running away from them.

Check out the slow-mo chase that happened.

Of course, the Internet was laughing along with the weirdness!

Hadley Stewart

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