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Apple Plans To Livestream Its iPhone 11 Event On YouTube For The First Time Ever


Apple Plans To Livestream Its iPhone 11 Event On YouTube For The First Time Ever

Apple extends its live streaming services to Google’s YouTube.

Apple has planned to stream a special event of its iPhone 11 on YouTube for the first time in history tomorrow being Tuesday the 10th day of September.

This is not the first streaming of events by apple, however, it is the first of its kind on Google’s YouTube, which is ultimately hoped to expand accessibility and increase the number of people that are able to view the live streaming event.

In 2018, Apple expanded its iPhone streaming events to Twitter which triggered a larger view of the event. The corporation has really been increasing accessibility to view its live streaming events for some years now.

With the help of Microsoft Edge Browser, users of Microsoft Windows 10 started having access to stream iPhone’s live events since 2015. Over time the live streaming events of Apple was limited to Microsoft Edge and Safari alone, but during the last year’s Apple World-Wide Developers Conference, it was extended to Google Chrome and Firefox.

On 10 September 2019, we are expecting the unveiling of three new models of iPhone. The event which is slated to start at 1 PM ET and 10 AM PT on Tuesday will be streamed live through the various channels that have been approved by the corporation.

If you are a lover or follower of the Apple iPhone series, you can avail yourself the chance to see the streaming of the new iPhone 11 live tomorrow either through twitter, YouTube, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome as well as through Safari.

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