Apple Decides To Fix MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Issues By Abandoning The Design

If you’ve got yourself one of the new MacBook 2018, you have probably been plagued with problems with the keyboard. You also probably know that Apple decided to implement the butterfly mechanism instead of the usual scissors mechanism.

MacBook Pro 13″ from 2018.

If you have no idea what butterfly mechanisms is, long story short, it’s a mechanism that is supposed to prevent dust from entering under the keyboard. But once it does, it’s practically impossible to clean them without breaking a few keys. For example, the space bar. Aside from being unable to be removed, the keyboard has had heating issues as well.

The butterfly mechanism has been torturous and some people have reported breaking their keyboard from trying to clean the keys. It’s about time that Apple does something about this and several people have literally screamed on the virtual world to ditch the butterfly crap and return to ol’ scissors mechanism which has worked for years.


Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has decent accuracy when it comes to predicting what step the company is taking. It’s been reported that a fresh new MacBook Air is releasing later this year and we’re getting scissors switches back.

While some people think removing Butterfly keyboard is a step backward, others may agree that implementing it is the step backward. The mechanism is completely useless if it’s faulty from the beginning and underdeliver with developers not considering many external factors well.

This isn’t the first Apple has failed with their new techs and/ design with previously fans raging on the nasty camera designs of iPhone XI. Considering the pricing of their products, the criticisms that the company receives to designs and functionality are rather sharp and alarming.

Layla Collins

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