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Man’s Easiest iPhone Glass Fix Trick With LASERS Is Going Viral


Man’s Easiest iPhone Glass Fix Trick With LASERS Is Going Viral

Here’s how you can repair your new iPhone!

It’s not a secret that giant companies like Apple and Samsung want their customers to spend as much money. Even when you make mistakes like accidentally knocking the back of your new iPhone hard enough that it cracks, the company will make you pay $599 to replace it.

It doesn’t make sense. Why does anyone have to pay that much for a glass casing? Might as well buy a new one (apparently, what they aim to do with this pricing scheme).

But this guy doesn’t want that.

He knows Apple is going to hate how he promotes a cheaper and easier way to repair that back. It’s going to impact their business and profit.

By using laser technology, this man teaches people that there is a way to fix it without having to pay that much.

So yeah, this piece of equipment alone costs a little above $2000 but considering what this piece of machinery can do and how many people out there who offer repair services can easily use this, it’s definitely a great investment.

It’s come with all the models of iPhones already inside. All you need to do is choose.

And your iPhone is ready for fixing! The laser beams will burn just right under the glass so it can detach. But it avoids important parts, such as the wireless charging and audio & charger ports.

Next, you engage in a bit of tearing to clean off the broken glass bits. Careful, it gets tricky around the camera.

Prepare a new casing and glue to put on your casing.

Tips: this is the same patter Apple use to glue their casing. You will see excess glue spilling out, no worries; just clean them off with some isopropyl alcohol to clean the seepage. Wait for adhesive glue to dry.

And you get your iPhone back 15 minutes later!

Check out the full vid on how to do it below:

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