Guy Modified A Roomba To Curse When It Bumps Into Things And It’s Too Hilarious

Roomba has been a popular robot vacuum cleaner and some families even went as far as naming their cleaning robot. Kids love them, pets have mixed opinions, but why has nobody asked Roomba’s opinion? They never have a good day


That’s why people have been bugging Michael Reeves to let them be able to speak their mind. After a series of hard work on finding the right people to give their voice to this Roomba and spending several nights without sleep, he made it.

But of course, it was not something everyone appreciated. Just like how Steve Jobs’ Apple didn’t go popular in one night.


Reeves got the help of iDubbbzMaxMoeFoe, and LilyPichu to voice the robot. He had a Raspberry Pi system hooked to the collision detection technology and set it so that the system also triggers it to make voice which is made true with the Bluetooth speaker attached.

Needless to say, it almost looks like a piece of junk and Reeves might have purposely made it so the Roomba purposely hit into things really hard. Which will definitely make the expletive remarks more natural?

Check this out.

After that, Reeves took the Roomba for real customers reviews, like 1-10 range, how likely are you to get this?

The manager was not exactly amused about the swearing Roomba.

But the review continues!

Check out the full video here!

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