Artist Illustrates Her Happiest Love Life That Any Couple Would Want To Live

Yao Yao is an L.A based painter, animator, and art director whose catalogue is nothing short of amazing. Her love for pets has motivated her to be vegan and even better inspired her to create artwork that can only be dreamt of.

Her works feature a girl that most of the time is shown to look similar to her. They often have a romantic, serene feel to them, making anyone enjoy looking at the art for a long time.

Even better, these pictures depict our daily life and for those in love, you’ll definitely feel the great vibe from these pictures. These simple forms of art can stir your heart heavily and we have to admit, the feeling is pleasant.

She’s worked with on some famous projects such as BoJack Horseman on Netflix, Rick, and Morty on Adult Swim and Future Worm from Disney. Those are some great experiences! As for her personal life, she has a pet dog, which is often featured in her drawings as you can see below. And from the pictures, it’s very likely she might have a special someone

1 “Heard someone could use some soup!”

2 “Call me when you get there.”

3 Surprise kiss

4 “…But you’ll feel better!”

5 Just wanna gaze at you

6 “You play and I’ll sing.”

7 “Here, try this!”

8 “What did I tell you, they’re good, right?!”

9 5…4…3…2…

10 Dream a little dream

11 Still standing

13 Undisturbed

14 Somewhere only we know

15 When anxiety hits

16 Humming Strumming Kisses

17 Bathroom can wait

18 Finding my own sunshine

19 Little by little

20 Can’t stop eating

21 Where only the good thoughts live

22 Adventure is out there!

23 Getaway day

24 A little bit of kindness

25 Zoomies!!

26 Serenity

27 All mixed up

28 Delete delete delete!

29 All set and ready to go

30 A good spot for dreaming

31 Movie night

32 Dumbledore’s down time

33 Makeshift shelter

34 Cool crisp morning

35 “You just had a bath!”

36 Valentine’s Day everyday

37 Blissfully off-key

38 Morning struggles

39 Breathe! Yay it’s the weekend!

40 Breakfast-dinner date

41 Instant love

42 The sound of nature

43 In her own world

44 Time to play!

45 Cuddles and kisses

46 Wide awake

47 Away from the chaos

Sammy Brown

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