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Artist Illustrates The World That People With Bad Eyesight See

Not all of us suffer from poor eyesight and some, unfortunately, has to deal with the issue since they were born. Imagine being born and not being able to get a clear look of your parents. These people wake up and have to squint their eyes as they feel about the nightstand for their glasses.

It can be a nuisance for some because they are burdened with carrying a pair of glasses or a box of contact lens wherever they go.

Artist Phillip Barlow wants to show the kind of world that people with poor eyesight see when they take off their glasses. It’s still the same beautiful world, but they have to struggle with nearsightedness and can’t enjoy its beauty to the fullest. Barlow uses oil painting to create a beautiful bokeh-like effect.

For a moment, you might think that these pictures were taken out of focus. But these highly realistic paintings were oil paintings drawn in blurry scenes. For some of you, the pictures might even give you a bit of a headache because your eyes can’t stop trying to ‘focus’ on the pictures.

Imagine living in a world that is constantly blurry like this.

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