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ASUS Zenfone 6 Finally Gives Us The Zen We Need


ASUS Zenfone 6 Finally Gives Us The Zen We Need

ASUS got it together and gave us what we want.

Zenfone from Asus is the last smartphone you’d want to consider to be ‘neat’. They come with a bunch of bloatware to the point that it’s only logical for users to root to get around easier. Asus does have good pricing and it’s needless to say they have some pretty good hardware.

But they simply ruined it by jamming all these software we know we will turn off for the rest of our use of the phone. However, Zenfone 6 is different. You are going to like what you hear.

Oppo and Vivo don’t necessarily come clean; they are also filled with bloatware, but it’s done in moderation. Let’s just say it’s done to a level that we can still tolerate and sometimes, we can remove them. But Zenfone came with pages of bloatware and felt like we were purchasing a personal electric ad banner.

It’s such a turn off, meanwhile their product design team has barely done much. Zenfone 5 is literally a copy-paste of iPhone X.

Zenfone 6 has no bloatware. Yes, pop the champagne because it’s about time smartphone manufacturers notice one of the most annoying thing about advertisement; we don’t want them to be permanent on our phone. Zenfone 6 comes with a pretty clean UI and stock Google. That’s it.


Next, is the flipping camera. It’s the real hype from Zenfone 6 which hits us, “Why hasn’t anyone think about this before?” The flipping feature allows you to use your back camera for selfie.

It has 92% screen to body ratio. And that is similar to having a clean look of the screen without annoying bezel or droplet-style camera like Vivo V11 Pro. But thanks to the flipping camera, they can get rid of everything and focus on delivering a satisfying screen.

And that’s not it; the fancy camera can track an object and follows it as it moves. It also does panorama without you having to painstakingly stabilize your whole body just so you can get a good panorama shot.

5,000 mAh allows the smartphone to last 2 days, depending on your usage. Yes, 5,000 mAh is the battery size we have been asking PLUS it has a headphone jack (no more excuses).

Price-wise, Zenfone 6 comes in three different versions, starting at $499. The 6 GB RAM with 64 GB storage space has the same price with their older model, obviously placing it as the winner in comparison. However, there are drawbacks.

Zenfone 6 LCD vs. OLED screen (Cr: Dave Lee)

It doesn’t have OLED screen. Bummer. Zenfone 6 has this fancy 48 megapixel flipping camera and OLED screen allows you to see pictures and videos in beautiful colors. It’s probably going to be a challenge to get used to the downgraded screen quality.

It doesn’t have neither fast-charging nor water-resistant feature. Instead, they have ‘Quick Charge’ that delivers power up to 18 watt. They didn’t include wireless charging as well and according to Tom Lin, the Head of Hardware Engineering, it may cause overheating which will wear down the battery’s lifespan.

Overall, the new Zenfone 6 sounds neat while price may subject to changes. The fresh new look might just change people’s opinions of Zenfone series.

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