Batwoman Trailer Out: It’s Both Cringey And Social Justice League-y

Batman is one of the world’s most famous superhero to date mainly because of Bruce Wayne rather normal background, biologically speaking. He doesn’t run abnormally fast, a typical human being, and will still die from Tetanus. His superpower is being rich.

The CW recently released a first-look trailer of Batwoman, and holy moly, it is incredible in a sense. Incredibly cringey and that’s the least we can say about the series. We could pretend to love the series and give it a chance before the trailer. But now that it’s here, some people are looking to save themselves from what seemed like an ‘SJW garbage’.

Bruce Wayne’s cousin sets out to become the Batwoman in order to save her girlfriend from getting kidnapped by her nemesis, Alice. It’s easy to say that she’s the typical tomboy girl who loves everything rough and is very good at close combat skills. The usual woman empowerment motivation, which isn’t bad.

Everyone who is looking at the new trailer must have at least known a thing or two about Batman. He’s a hard worker, develops his own suit, technology, fights off criminals in most nights despite the biggest enemy of his, which is age. He’s a great man.

The show’s biggest mistake was slipping this not-so-subtle feminist lines. For example when Luke Fox said, “The suit is literal perfection,” and it was subsequently answered with Kate saying, “It will when it fits a woman.”

Much cringe, much theft.

That was right after she snuck into the Batcave without permission, just because she’s his cousin.

Oh, and not to mention she said, “I’m not about to let a man take credits for a woman’s work.” The commentary stems from when people think she’s the Batman because she dresses like one. When she literally wore his clothes and looked like him, it’s very hard to be able to subtly tell under the darkness of night that it’s a she.

And here’s to conclude why it has 337k dislikes compared to 72k likes on the YouTube trailer:

Hadley Stewart

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