Beautiful ‘Hidden Paintings’ Appears After Pouring Soy Sauce Into These Plates

3D Technology has been the reigning thing for some time. And now, a Japanese Studio who has been trying to produce a 3D Printed food has decided to create something beautiful that will certainly wow you.

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Ranging from a cost-effective of  ¥ 1,080, an equivalent of $10, ReDeStu is currently selling a Porcelain Soy Sauce Dishes that discloses a hidden painting once it’s filled up.

The Hidden Paintings contain the Japanese Symbols (Mount Fuji, Itsukushima Shrine), alongside puppies and cute kitties.

The term ‘Soy’ was derived from a Japanese word ‘Shoyu.’

While Soy Sauce had originated from a Chinese Product known as ‘Chiang’  for over 3,000 years,  it came to Europe within the 1600s through the Dutch and Japanese trading.

However, the world has witnessed several types of Soy Sauce and can now be hinged on their different production methods, color, taste and texture difference, and regional disparities.

Initially, the traditional Soy Sauce is originally produced with soaked Soybeans in Water While Crushing and Roasting the wheat.

Afterward, the Soybeans and Wheat are then mixed with mold and put aside for about two to three days to develop.

Finally, water and salt are then added and the whole mixture is then left to ferment for about 5 to 8 months or even longer.

Watch The Video Of What Occurs When You In The Sauce

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