Bridesmaid Branded ‘Trashy’ For Leaning Forward In A Low-Cut Dress During Wedding Photoshoot

A bridesmaid has been subjected to online trolls and dubbed ‘trashy’, in a bridal photo going rounds on the internet in which she is accused of ‘stealing the spotlight’, because she wore a dress with a plunging neckline, before leaning over in a photo with the bride. 

The wedding snap from Virginia was shared to Reddit with the caption: ‘When you just have to steal the spotlight.’ 

The post created a heated debate with over 1000 comments and 24k upvotes. The picture showed the woman in the blue dress posing with the bride, leaning forward towards the camera and in the process ‘stealing the spotlight’

Reddit users slammed the woman with some even saying that they didn’t even realize it was a wedding photo.

‘That’s terrible. I bet she stole the spotlight in other pics too,’ said one person. 

Another added: ‘At first glance, I didn’t realize it was even a wedding photo.’

‘This is the trashiest wedding photo I’ve ever seen,’ added another.  

some people weren’t so quick to criticize her arguing that the bridesmaid’s dress was most likely not in her control, and would have most probably been picked by the bride herself.

However, people were not buying the idea claiming that she could have adjusted the dress for more coverage. ‘Ok and did she half to pose like that lol,’ a person reasoned. 

‘I’m sure she could have had the dress altered somehow… this looks so trashy,’ said a second.

The picture had been shared in the subreddit r/Trashy but some people disagreed that it belonged there at all. 

The group admin explained that it is a place for ‘trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and downright trashy.’ 

‘I have a smaller chest, and I’m honestly kind of jealous at how nice she looks. The bride okayed it anyway so I wouldn’t even necessarily call it trashy,’ one person bit back at the poster. 

Another commenter pointed out that it may not have been her intention. ‘Yeah, she doesn’t really look like she’s actually trying to steal the spotlight. 

‘It looks more like she had a few drinks (naturally, it’s a wedding) and wasn’t paying attention to how her pose would look to the camera.’

Check out the photos and judge for yourself.

Sammy Brown

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