Woman Lost Her BF Over A Year Ago But Still Posting Pics Of Them Together On Instagram

Theirs was a nauseating yet cute love story that was befitting a telenovela but turned tragic. Chinese Filipina model Nam Floresca and his boyfriend Franco Hernandez were young and deeply in love until a fatal accident robbed the beauty of her soulmate.

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In November 2017, Janica and her boyfriend were on a romantic sea vacation when it turned tragic. Strong waves forced them off their boat. Neither of them knew how to swim, Janica clung onto the boatman while franco held on to her.

Unknown to them, Unfortunately, a strong wave proceeded to tear him off her separating the love birds again, this time for good. By the time they were rescued, Franco was unconscious and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The member of a Filipino dance group met his demise at just 26 years of age.

A year down since the life-altering event, Janica’s heart clearly still smothers with love for Franco as she regularly posts photos of them together proving that theirs was nothing but true love.

Her love hasn’t wavered over time, with her heartfelt longing still apparent in her latest post

Though her love has passed, she still keeps in touch with Franco’s family and regularly visits his grave

There are also pictures of the memorial tattoos she’s gotten to remember Franco by

Her longing is apparent as she spills her heart out in her posts, which are filled with both longing and thanksgiving.

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