BTS Disappointed ARMY As They Didn’t Attend Met Gala 2019. Here’s Why.

BTS sent both fangirls and fanboys across the world in a hurricane of love and awe. After snapping the Grammy Award, BTS gains even more new AMRYs from the States and had suspiciously much blank schedule during their tour in the US.

First of all, the boys had scheduled for a concert on May 4 and 5 in LA which will be continued by another one in Chicago on May 11. It probably sounds like stretching it too far to hope the seven boys will hop on a flight and ready themselves 5 hours later, but hey, it’s not impossible.

And then there is Gucci sponsoring Met Gala 2019 who also happened to be the wardrobe BTS boys rocked during Melon Music Awards.

Alas, we could only hope and spread theories. ARMYs were expecting the seven boys to appear, but sadly, none of them did.

Their first performance in America on American Music Awards (AFP photo)

We WERE stretching it too far.

The boys did have conflicting schedules as the Met Gala was less than 24 hours away from their concert and 5-hour flight far. The fatigue these hardworking boys will face if they forced themselves for another party night might be just too much. While Met Gala was rocking in NYC, the boys were on the other side of the country enjoying their hard earned free time.

Many people think that Met Gala 2019: Camp on Notes has the theme that fits BTS very much. However, personally, that is wrong. The point of Camp on Notes is being crazy, outrageous and fun, which basically mean ‘do something you’ve never done before and be crazy about it.’ It’s about going against the flow (not genderbending, plz).

BTS’ J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga are not only known for their charming personalities, singing & dancing skills. They are also iconic trendsetters, especially in Korea. The group has long charmed people with their fashion sense and it’s only right that we expect them to appear on one of the most recognized red carpet show for fashion show-off.


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