Bubble Tea Lover Girl, 14, Finds Out She Has More Than 100 Tapioca Balls Stuck In Her Belly

Xiao Shen is a 14-Year Old girl who is a fan of bubble tea, a popular beverage in East Asia. It normally contains milk, tea alongside dozens of tapioca balls. These balls also regarded as boba or pearls are made of tapioca starch which is extracted from the dried roots of cassava plant in South America. It naturally tastes bland and also has a chewy texture.

Tapioca balls are made of tapioca starch extracted from the roots of the cassava plant

However, Xiao Shen’s parent had taken her to the hospital – The People’s Hospital in the city of Zhuji on May 28, right after she complained of a stomach ache. The parent revealed that their daughter had been having constipation alongside poor feeding.

More than 100 dark balls stuck in Xiao Shen belly

The doctor who attended to Xiao Shen – Dr. Zhang Louwei reported that her abdomen was actually bulging. And after series of X-ray checkup, the doctor came back with more shocking news. He discovered more than 100 darks balls stuck in Xiao Shen belly. He reported that the dark balls had filled her intestines, rectum and stomach.

After severe questioning, Xiao Shen uncovered that she had been drinking bubble tea for about a week.

Xiao Shen is a 14-Year Old girl who is a fan of bubble tea, a popular beverage in East Asia

The result of X-ray, according to the doctor revealed that the dark balls had been accumulating over a very long period – implying they weren’t recent. He, however, did prescribed laxative so that Xiao Shen can pass out the balls.

With Xiao Shen Scenario, the doctor has now warned the public of drinking excessive bubble Tea, adding that tapioca starch can be very hard to digest.


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