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Bunny Succulents Are The New Plant To Make Your Garden Incredibly Cute


Bunny Succulents Are The New Plant To Make Your Garden Incredibly Cute

They are best planted in a plastic pot.

Are you in search for a unique plant to add to your Garden?

Look, no further, because the bunny succulents are finally here to make your indoor and outdoor garden look incredibly cute.

The tiny little succulents are known as Monilaria Moniliformis or Monilaria Obconica.

They really resemble bunny ears when they’re quite little and can be the most adorable plant in your garden.

Interestingly, their bunny ears equally have fuzzies on them and sure make them extremely cute.

Quite popular in Japan, people are currently going crazy over the bunny succulents and now, it is now sold online at Amazon.

Comes in a pack of about 10 seeds, it would be sufficient for two containers, hence you can plant joyfully.

As the plant grows, their bunny ears, however, get longer and shortly resembles a rabbit a little unlikely.

As compared to when they are a little tiny, the bunny succulents appear adorable and funky when they are bigger.

Naturally, they grow up to 8 inches tall and even have white flowers bloom with a yellow color in the middle.

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They grow better when the weather is cold and that’s, however, the best time to plant them.

To have them in your garden, all you need to do is to sow the seeds in the mineral soil. The bigger seeds can be covered with the soil while the smaller seeds can be on the top surface.

They are equally planted, best in a plastic pot which can be found at any dollar store.


Afterward, you will need a planted pot which is in a Ziplock bag. 

You then will add water to the bags so that when it is placed flat on the windowsill the water will not come above the pot.

Add some fertilizer, then close the bag.

Will you purchase the bunny succulents now? They really resemble cute-looking bunny.

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