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Dead To Me Season 2 Renewal on Netflix Confirmed


Dead To Me Season 2 Renewal on Netflix Confirmed

We need more Jen in life.

It’s finally here, the confirmation we’ve all needed. Netflix has ordered the second season of ‘Dead to Me’ who will come back with the same starts portraying Jude and Jen.

Dead To Me
Yes, hun, they are coming back.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini haven’t worked on projects that worth their skills as of lately, except for Cardellini’s minor role in Avengers as Hawkeye’s wife.

The show talks about a widow, Jen, who is eager to look into the hit-and-run incident that killed her husband. She has ways to put people on edge and us cracking out loud. Meanwhile, Judy lost her loved one but remained a beautiful, optimistic spirit who approached Jen to get her to open up.

They made the best kind of friendship with something in common – a loss they won’t easily move on from. What’s so great about this is the dark comedy that sometimes is sometimes accompanied by mourning tears. Last we saw them, Judy was protecting Jen from a fact to make sure that even if she’s sardonic, she is still strong and won’t break.

The show received a positive rating of 87% on RT, so it’d be interesting to what kind of turn it’s going to make in the next season.

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