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Double Espresso: Big Little Lies 2 Premiere Airs June 9


Double Espresso: Big Little Lies 2 Premiere Airs June 9

No one secrets are safe, secrets just surfaces.

The Game of Thrones finale is almost concluded – which implies it is nearly time to fully commit to Big Little Lies Season 2. Specifically, it about time you start trading those fire blazing dragons for a fiery moms. Should in case you are not completely kitted or not at the edge of your chair and desk to once again be reunited to meeting with Meryl Streep’s new character as well as with the Monetary five, then Nicole Kidman might just get you back-glued-to-the-screen again with her summary sentence about the season.


The BBL star during a recent interview revealed that the second season is not a latte, but rather a double espresso. “Season two is espresso — double espresso. Come June 9, viewers are getting an intense rush of straight java. Shots, no chaser!


“Let’s just sit with that for a second first of all, yes, these women are, in fact, my source of caffeine and adrenaline. Reese Witherspoon’s character, Madeline Martha Mackenzie, is literally a walking non-fat latte — full of energy with a little bit of froth” Kidman told Deadline.  

What’s up? –Airs When?

The Big Little Lies Season 2 is however expected to air June 9. Espresso vitality, coupled with the fact that Kidman character as Celeste was so intense that it scared Steep implies that this season might actually make Queen Daenerys burnishing of King’s landing looks like a toy’s play.  

Fans React


With season 1 watched and adored by its viewer, the BLL Season 2 trailer have received quite some positive reviews and comments. Remarkably a thumb up!!

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