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Game of Thrones #AM4GOT Releasing on May 25


Game of Thrones #AM4GOT Releasing on May 25

We should expect more to unveil shortly.

Indeed, the epic fantastic movie, popularly known as Game of Thrones will officially come to an end this Sunday, 19 May. And since HBO will air the final episode of Season 8, closing the book on the most celebrated television program of the 21st century, there are however still some bonus footage in the work.

Bonus Footage – Meaning?


Yes! HBO will be linking up the series with addidas once again for a limited edition of AM4GOT speedfactory release that would give fans a one-last memory of the GOT movie before it’s finally closes up for good. 

In a clip posted by @Foot Locker on Twitter, addidas just released a teaser of the shoe. Certainty, we should expect more to unveil shortly – even before the main date of release – May 25.

Game of Thrones Finale- Spoilers Alert?

Bran Stark

However, a source who accurately leaked details for episode 5 has released another massive outline for episode 6. The leak, according to BGR, reveals that Jon Snow would stab Daenerys to death and head back to the Night Watch as a punishment, while Bran Stark will end up sitting on the Iron Throne and Tyrion will be his right hand man. If this is true –then it’s sad news for all fans and supporters. Bran- who will ever think…….?

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