Google Announces Sweeping Changes To AdSense Including Removing Text-Only Ads

Two years after Google announced the new Adwords experience, Google’s ad team has realized that marketers are now operating in a world filled with more curious, demanding and impatient customers. Their prospects expect them o deliver ads that offer personalized, hyper-relevant solutions, rather than generalizations.

To say the least, people are smarter now; they want prompt answers and they want to save money while searching for them. Google has therefore offered rebranded solutions in the Google Adsense platform to help advertisers meet the needs of an increasingly savvy, mobile, and data-conscious public. The changes include removing Text ads only ads, going responsive for all ad sizes, changing Ad styles among others.

Google is ditching text-only ads in a move that will supposedly revolutionalize the user experience. An email they wrote to Adsense publishers read, “We’re moving towards richer ad formats, phasing out text-only and display-only ad units to further improve user experience, and to fully reflect the pool of ads we have in the market. As a result, the “Text ads only” and “Display ads only” ad units in your account have been renamed to “Display ads” and from early 2019 will be updated to serve all ad types.”

These are some of the changes that will soon be in effect.

Ad Sizes

Google is now making it easier to create and manage ad units. All ad units will be created responsive by default to adjust to different screen sizes on mobile and desktop platforms to increased flexibility. However, creators will have an option of further customizing their ad units to their preferences.

Ad types

Google is moving towards richer ad formats, which includes phasing out text only and display-only ad units to further improve user experience.  In this sense, all “Text ads only” and “display ads only” are set to be renamed to “Display ads”. Google, is planning to update all ads by mid-2019.

Text ad styles

Google has shown disapproval for text Ad styles and instead roots for “Text & display ads” ad units. Ad publishers are now unable to create ad styles for their new ad units. The new ad units will have Google-optimised text ad styling bust since Google is shifting away from this trend, the existing Ad styles will also be optimized by Google in the following months.

Simplifying “if no ads available”

Google is dedicated to increasing the quality and safety of their ad network and are on a constant lookout for malicious ads that enter the Adsense network. As a result, the company opted to do away with the “if no ads available” option and defaulting to collapsing the ad space or showing a blank space instead. If a client’s current setting is another URL, this feature will be updated in the near future and their current setting will then stop functioning.


Due to the changes made above, Google decided to do away with obsolete ad unit setting experiments. Any active ad unit experiments will stop in the following weeks. This also means that the experiment reports from the Reports tab will no longer be available. However, for remaining experiment types, aggregate metrics will still be available in the experiment details of the page.

Synchronous code

Ad sense publishers won’t be able to change their ad code type to synchronous in their Adsense account anymore. Publishers wishing to add synchronous codes to their ads can manually do that using this guide.

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