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Google to Pay $500 to Owners for Faulty Pixel


Google to Pay $500 to Owners for Faulty Pixel

A lawsuit submitted in early 2018 will be settled this year with up to $500 pay out to every owner.

Google previously announced in March 2017 that in less than 1% of their Pixel phone, there is a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.” Phones with this crack will experience faulty issues to their calls and voice assistance. Google continues the sales of their Pixels, however, fueling rage from owners who dislike the practice.

Image result for google pixel microphone
Defective microphone found in several Google Pixel phones.

Google Pixel phones were considered premium phones that cost $649 to $899 (Pixel 3 XL). Yet, this consistent flaw in new brand phones is not something owners are going to settle with.

There are four categories Google set up in repaying owners with their defective phones.

The first category is people who returned their defective phones only to be handed another with similar issues. These people can receive up to $500 settlement money. The second category is for people who haven’t asked for a replacement and can be paid up to $350. Claimants under the third group who have used insurance deductible will have the value repaid. Meanwhile, the last category, those who never had any issues, can receive $20 from the settlement.

Google is sending out settlement money to owners who purchase Google Pixel and Pixel XL model before January 4, 2017.

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