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Fiancée Flexes Her Harry Potter-Themed Engagement Ring


Fiancée Flexes Her Harry Potter-Themed Engagement Ring

The beautiful and strong sidekick from Captain Marvel is getting her own heroine scene.

Getting proposed to is one of the women’s biggest dreams. It’s a really romantic thing and on the other hand, a challenge and nerve-wracking experience for guys. A man decided to ask for a girl’s hand with a Hogwarts-themed engagement ring which, of course, made the woman feel so elated.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Those who have watched Harry Potter may remember that there are four different houses inside Hogwarts, each representing the personalities and types of the magic of the students.

The man decided to have a custom-made diamond ring for his woman with four other stones encircling them. Each stone represents the house: red ruby for Gryffindor, green emerald for Slytherin, yellow topaz for Hufflepuff and blue sapphire for Ravenclaw.

Credit: Reddit/Katiemack777

Posted in the subreddit for Harry Potter fans, Kattiemack777 captioned her post: “My (now) fiancé knows that I love Harry Potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me.”

People were happy for the woman and saw how much went into considering and proposing her: “My goodness this is stunning. That’s very sweet of him to custom design such a special ring for you.”

“Wow I don’t even want to get married but I want this ring.”

“He was a chaser, now a keeper.”

The groom later chanted in the reply section, commenting, “I’m the fiance! I knew I needed to have an extraordinary ring for such an extraordinary girl. It turned out better than I ever could imagine. The ring is definitely enchanted.”

Regardless of the Harry Potter theme, many of us can agree that the ring looks really beautiful and more colorful from the usual white diamond rings other women get.

An even more amazing thing was that earlier this year, a couple had a Harry Potter-themed wedding, wearing the uniforms, the wedding dress that Hermione Granger wore and buying props such as the wands which makes everything seemed so magical.

Credit: SWNS

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