If You Like Harry Potter You Are A Good Person, Science Says

It’s over 20years since the Earth witnessed the first book about a boy who dwelled in magic. Readers from all across the globe tirelessly read about the fantastic creatures, magic, fight against evil attack as well as dangerous plots.

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And according to a new paper, the little boy wizard’s victory is not limited to the pages in the book, but with fact, it has now made some person across the world a better being in real life.

Science suggests that individuals who are diehard fans of Harry Potter and attached to his partners are less likely to be bigoted towards stigmatized groups. Equally, they seem to develop a higher empathy toward minorities. This is entirely science and not magic.

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Three parts that authenticate these above-stated statements had witnessed elementary school participated in two surveys during the first test.

It was conducted before and after the kids read the scene that entailed paragraphs related to prejudice. – The scene where Draco Malfoy insulted Hermione because she was a muggle and the neutral parts where Harry had bought his wand.

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On the other hand, University and High school students also participated in experiment 2 and 3 of the study and they were questioned about their emotions for alienated people after reading thoroughly on Harry’s Adventures.

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The study, however, happened because humans have an opportunity to see the world through Harry’s eyes once more. Interestingly, all characters had to cope with the difficulties that arise from differences.

With Hermione being a ‘filthy little Mudblood, Ron living in a poor home and Neville Longbottom being extremely klutzy and clumsy, as well as Hagrid who work as a Hogwarts teacher – not allowed to use magic, all remained good friends despite all quirks. They have always had each other back.

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Besides, Harry understood how it is to be different. He had lost his parents and was raised with his reactionary, prejudiced, ignorant, bigoted and narrow-minded relatives. Living in a cupboard under the stair, Harry initially had no friends and was most times tormented by his cousin. So Harry understands, as he knows what it’s like.

© Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros.  

That being said, Harry character has assisted humans on how to be kind to others without paying attention to their differences. The words of Albus Dumbledore have however confirmed this: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”


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