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Women Are Showing Off Tootsies With Long Painted Toenails


Women Are Showing Off Tootsies With Long Painted Toenails

Maybe if they are a little shorter…

Whoever here have found their Pinterest collection filled with hundreds of nail painting ideas? And most of us probably don’t even have the tools to draw them – we simply love the sight of pretty and cute nails! But, 2019 has been a weird turn for fashion, not like the previous years are not.

Well, this summer, we’re seeing a new trend sweeping manicure houses. Maybe want to check out the results here to see if you want them on you.

Long, manicured toenails are given solid, vibrant colors.

Instagram | @_indian_feet_

They look like your fingernails and some people think that maybe finger-shape should remain on fingers?

Instagram | @kamichrom

Fun fact: this is a guy’s feet! While some people might think about yuck factor, he actually cares for these nails and is even changing color almost every week!

Because they are obviously longer than usual, you won’t be able to wear those closed-shoes.

Instagram | @rosna_footmodel

Tripping hazard much. Not sure how long this will last until the next proper toenails cleaning.

Instagram | @bestproductsdotcom

Apparently, such long toenails will put any woman with them in risks in doing most sports. From tennis to simply jogging and running can lead to horrendous results of bent nails that are very painful.

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