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Sandal Socks: The 2019 Footwear Trend Taking The Fashion World


Sandal Socks: The 2019 Footwear Trend Taking The Fashion World

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Are you ready for the 2019 Footwear Fashion trend – Sandal Socks? Yes, the classic tourist approved sandal socks look is getting the attention of the Fashion world and currently making waves into other mainstream in the world of fashion.

The Sandal Socks which are also recognized as ‘Tourist Sandals’ had made a noticeable presence at the S/S 19 collection during Fashion Week in late 2018.

Designers like Collina Strada, Dries Van Noten and more finished off their high fashion looks with the familiar chunky, strappy, sporty sandals… and yes, sandal socks were included.

The new sandal socks makes you look like you are wearing a sock with sandals, which is very much the biggest fashion no-no there is. 

With the new sandal socks, there’s really no reason to make people think you are wearing sandals when you’re not, and it’s just another tip to being a weirdo among your peers or in a room.

However, what takes off during Fashion Week eventually makes its way into the mainstream fashion world in some form, and socks and sandals has proved no different.

What do you think? Will you be taking up the Sandal Sock challenge? Scroll down to see more of its collections, and sure make a decision!

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