Social Media Ridicules Fashion Retailer ASOS For Selling £15 Crop Top For Men

An Online fashion store is the focus of online ridicule for their range of men’s crop tops.

The summer pieces are long sleeved with ‘moob tube’ options that go for only 15 British pounds, but consumers are not yet convinced.

Their initial range was launched last August which then threw reviewers into a frenzy. And as summer approaches again, people searching for bargains have started their mockery again.

The crop top was and is the summer’s hottest trend for women, and this season, ASOS reinvented the wheel and thrown men into the mix.

Twitter user Mike Arnold stumbled across the bold fashion option and didn’t have qualms about letting the retailer know his thoughts on the matter. He took a screengrab of the “Bandeau in black” and “extreme cropped top with long sleeves” and simply tweeted “I give up@ASOS #WTF.”

Social media users were quick to join in the bashing as they ridiculed the shirts with one user commenting that the two shirts look like they could have been one.

“You think it’s the new way to charge you twice for the same top… Just cut it in two lol,” wrote one person.

“Its the new thing… IKEA clothing… You have to put it together yourself,” someone else added.

One woman said she would not be happy if her significant other wore one of the shirts, saying, along with two sick emojis: “If my fella walked in wearing that he’d not be long getting walked back out..!!”

Another woman chimed in about other crop tops for men that ASOS is offering.

“@ASOS If I start seeing Men in crop tops this summer I’m done,” she wrote along with screengrabs of the retailer’s crop tops for men.

However, ASOS couldn’t take the mockery while lying down. In response, the retailer tweeted saying: “Proudly breaking down fashion norms since 2000.”

One social media even supported the retail store arguing that men have previously worn crop tops in pop culture. The tweet included pictures of men in crop tops including Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed in “Rocky III” and Will Smith in the film “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

“I’m baffled by the ignorance of some comments… men used to wear crop tops in the ’80s and it was totally ok back then but I see some of you tend to have a selective memory when it comes to remembering the past,” the user wrote.

The slim fit design comes only in black and in sizes: small, medium and large and according to the retailer- guys simply have to ‘team with jeans and you’re good to go.’

Sammy Brown

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