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Here’s The Hitch To Creating Fake Video Footage, Pictures With Samsung’s AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has overtime resulted into mind-blowing experiments, most especially in the area of making a deepfake video. Presently, artificial intelligence is now applied to old photos and painting in order to appear animated for the first time.

The Samsung Artificial Intelligence (SAI), created in Russia has however figured out how to make it happen. The company developed a new AI system that can develop a fake clip by just feeding it with a picture.


Used For Fun & Exploration

Revealed in a paper published by Samsung AI Center earlier this week, creating a deepfake as well as fabricated clips that allow individual appears or say anything they never uttered before usually requires raw set of images in order to establish a realistic representation. The new technology can of course be used for fun, and for more interesting photography exploration. Specifically, the most desired and impressive art work, the Mona Lisa portrait was animated in three videos to demonstrate how the technology actually works. Watch the Video here ⬇⬇

Mona Lisa

So what’s the hitch?

Particularly, technologies like the Samsung AI can launch chances for fraud, fake news, election rigging and misinformation in many countries. While a single image of an individual or a video can be developed to show a moving and speaking face, it can also lead to defamation of character as well as infringement on human rights.

Nevertheless, the rapid improvement of Samsung’s artificial intelligence means that any time individual shares content in deepfake creation, bad guys will have to scrap their own jury-rigged tools in order to impersonate it. The Samsung AI creating Fake Video Footage and Pictures is however likely to find its way into more people’s hands.  Be Alert.


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