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Huawei Broke Up With Google – New Smartphones Won’t Get Early Android Q Update


Huawei Broke Up With Google – New Smartphones Won’t Get Early Android Q Update

The war has cut the ties completely between the two in terms of tech.

After so much back and forth arguments, Trump made his call. Huawei won’t be getting Google stock apps in their new phones anymore. They are also stuck with the OS they come with and no future updates will be delivered to Huawei early. If they want, they need to rely on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

US Commerce Department has listed Huawei’s company under “Entity List” which contains companies that require government approval to be able to use their technology. That includes Android Q and Google apps, such as Google Playstore.

Huawei and ZTE have been under scrutiny by the US government who fear that China has been spying on America through their smartphone. Since 2012’s open investigation by America and 2018’s official US warning against gadgets manufactured by the companies, there has been speculation that this might happen.

Huawei has been consistently denying that their products sold to consumers are involved in any military-related activities. While the company has been seeing great reception from the public, this major setback will definitely deal a huge blow to the marketing of their new smartphones.

But current Huawei owners don’t have to panic because existing smartphones can still use Google Playstore. Huawei has also been developing their own OS in case something like this happens but due to US concerns over the security of this home-grown OS, it might not be easy for Huawei to release this version as well.

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