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Samsung Hands-On Galaxy Note 10 By Samsung Is Out


Samsung Hands-On Galaxy Note 10 By Samsung Is Out

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 finally revealed!

The Samsung unpacking event had just finished, revealing a beautiful new handset from the Galaxy Note series. One of the most memorable parts of it is definitely the revelation of the Aura Glow color of the series. It’s not just a two-color gradient that most smartphones are coming out with nor is it anything like Huawei’s.

To be precise, the Aura Glow model is iridescent that changes color to your eyes depending on the angle you see it from. That alone makes this color so cool and beautiful to look at. The video shows slightly different colors as opposed to what Ice Universe posted.

Look at that painful rainbow-colored phone.

Ice Universe

…vs what you see in this video.

One thing that can explain the over-saturated color would be, well, the picture was oversaturated. Comparing the S-pen shown in the video and picture, you can easily make out that the real color is the one shown in the video. We hope the actual product is forgiving when you happen upon them with your own eyes.

This would be more understandable and aside from that, check out the new features that come with S-Pen.

This will be a feature that people will actually use, although not as frequent. For example, in a groupie where you let the most suitable person take the picture, it’d be more convenient if you have the ‘remote’ in your hand to set the settings on the camera.

The Air Action will be useful, but we definitely want to see more in a future Note where Air Action can do even more than camera settings and taking notes.

Video editing is also getting much better and stepping into the part where iPhones usually excel in. And here’s another interesting feature:

DeX integration! Productivity is what Note 10 is all about and with this, you can chat on your computer and mirror your phone seamlessly. You can link your phone to Windows-operated desktops as well.

And who doesn’t like a good gaming-break? You can mirror your Note 10 to a bigger screen and turn on PlayGalaxy on your phone to connect. Now you have a console to play your game with.

Based on a leak posted by Slashleaks, unlocked sim-free Galaxy Note 10 starts at £869.99 in the UK. That is about $1,058 in USD.

Pre-order begins on August 9th, 2019.

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