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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Reportedly Revealed + Under Armour Version Leak


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Reportedly Revealed + Under Armour Version Leak

Lots of new features added.

Finally another leak before the official unveiling. Samsung is definitely to blame, but hey, we don’t really mind with the leak happening just a few days before the event. At least, it’s very possible that they’ll bring this out during Samsung Note 10+ unboxing.

After their exclusive revelation last month that a new Galaxy Active is on the making, SamMobile finally released leaked pictures of the smartwatches. Not just that, Twitter leaker Evan Blass also released another picture which might be Under Armour version of the smartwatch. Added to that is that it might be available only in the Bluetooth version.

From the pictures, several things can be made sure of now – Galaxy Watch Active 2 is going to feature Touch Bezel, a term Samsung has trademarked. Instead of a screen, users swipe on the bezel for comfortable navigation.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have Gorilla Glass DX+ for its 360 x 360 Super AMOLED display. With base material of aluminum, both 44m and 40mm weigh about 36g and 31g. The case follows the MIL-STD-810G standard. Aside from size, it also comes in either LTE or Bluetooth version, which comes with 768MB and 1.5GB size for RAM respectively.

One similar component the second generation is keeping is the Exynos 9110 chip. Aside from that, the watch underwent some pretty radical changes and nice features to boot, such as ECG which accurately tracks user’s heart rate. Added to this is an eight-point Photoplethysmography sensor which means better, quicker heart tracker.

In the FCC file that was leaked, it was revealed what the watch is going to look like. This is how you can find the label and what the model is going to look like first on.

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