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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 List of Leaks We’ve Known So Far


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 List of Leaks We’ve Known So Far

What we’ve known so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been rumored to undergo quite the change compared to its previous version. And here are some leaks we heard about the Galaxy Note 10.

Design. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t look similar, but the same principle is applied when making the design. It will have the same O-infinite screen but seems to no more feature fingerprint sensor on its back, according to an insider. It’s also likely to retain the edge-to-edge screen like Galaxy Note 9.

This might suggest for in-display fingerprint instead. Meanwhile, the back of the phone seems to also have a significant change with how the camera is going to be arranged.

The camera is vertically aligned with three lenses, similar to the S10. It will have optical zoom features, seemingly to go up to 5x. It’s not 30x in order to save space and sample pictures have shown that 30x optical zoom is pretty much useless – you can’t make out anything.

Meanwhile, the front camera is going to be a punch hole, possibly in the middle of the screen to avoid similarity to S10.

Air Mouse is one of the most interesting things among many things that have been leaked regarding the Galaxy Note 10. The S-Pen will be turned into some sort of a wireless mouse that you can hover on your phone. It also has the same specifications like Note 9’s stylus.

PhoneArena has drawn a possible concept picture of the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will most probably come out in August this year which is exactly a year after Note 9. It’s also considerably quite far from the S10 release; about 5 months apart.

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