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Huawei P30 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Which One Should You Get?


Huawei P30 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Which One Should You Get?

This is a hard choice to make.

It’s a hard choice because both models pack a lot of great features and Galaxy Note 10+ is particularly visually stunning. It’s hard to take your eyes off the phone with its new Aura Glow iridescent color that is completely different Huawei’s gradient.

Samsung Note 10+

Some people call it inspiration, we prefer to say it’s an upgrade of the true gradient that we want to see. Packed with that is the dynamic Super AMOLED display that showcases just how amazing Samsung has always been with displays. Its QHD+ panel is rated for HDR10+ whilst Huawei P30 Pro OLED is rated HDR10.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ battery life may win if you get the 45w charger for its 4,300 mAh. Meanwhile, the P30 Pro charges just slightly slower at 40w which is bundled with the phone.

The chipset used in the Galaxy Note 10 is in both Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825 while Huawei P30 Pro has Kirin 980. All of them are comparably similar, but there will definitely a margin between the Note 10 that runs on Snapdragon and Exynos.

As for the camera, Samsung has finally emerged from its old sensor of four years of use. All the sensors and features that exist in P30 Pro now can be found on Note 10 and some even argue it’s the better choice. Note 10, for example, has a better telephoto lens and both excel in night photography.

The final choice?

TL;DR? Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has all the new fancy features, especially with that unparalleled S-pen. If you want to be able to quickly whip up a note or illustration when you need to, good camera work and particularly hates edge screen, this is your choice.

If you want a decent smartphone with proven excellent camera work, great specs for gaming and overall a great piece of work, Huawei P30 Pro is your choice. It’s a few hundred dollars cheaper to compare as well. The catch is that you can never get one officially in the States.

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