I Illustrate How My Son Turned My Life Upside Down In 20 Hilarious Comics

I am an artist and a young mother from Russia. My friends and family call me Luba Sobol – that’s, however, my name.

My artistic experience started when I became a mother – specifically when my son was 9 nine months old.  My son was my first fruit and I never expected that being a mother can be quite challenging and even tasking.

But, life has however been quite fun for me even though this my little man-sugar plum has turned it’s quite upside down. When I get involve with my day-to-day activities, the best I do for myself is to smile and laugh out loud. I most times laugh at the frustrating situation and it has indeed kept me afloat.

Earlier, I use smartphones for my artistic drawing – very uncomfortable due to its small screen. But I couldn’t just try out other drawing tools as my Boss (my baby) required a lot of attention.

Yes! He is now 3 years old and I am a woman again! Feeling pretty and awesome, I must confess. He now plays all by himself and doesn’t spend time in my arms.

Nevertheless, my comics are hinged and inspired by real-life experiences and stories – most especially centered on my family.  I hope you enjoy it and laugh it out loud as I always do.

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#1 Every Nap Time!

#2 My Son’s Jokes

#3 Don’t Say You Don’t Sing These Songs!

#4 Walks During First 6 Months

#5 Love This Game

#6 When Your Kid Plays Alone And You Don’t Want To Be Noticed

#7 Nap Time For Interesting Things

#8 Why Do They Do That???

#9 Every Morning I Pretend To Be A Thing

#10 Walks With One-Year-Old Baby

#11 Basic Hygiene

#12 Talking With Grandma Is Like An IQ Test

#13 Making A Bed With A Kid Isn’t A Pleasure

#14 My Friend Zinochka Is My New Character

#15 Hello World! I’m Here, I Still Exist!

#16 Everything Is In Place Even If It Seems That Is Not

#17 Walks With A Toddler

#18 Contradictory Toddler

#19 Difficult Search

#20 Funny Jokes

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