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iPhone iOS 13 Update Shocks Owners of The Best Selling Model, iPhone 6


iPhone iOS 13 Update Shocks Owners of The Best Selling Model, iPhone 6

Apple’s desperate marketing strategy on the move putting its followers’ loyalty to the test.

Are you guys still on iOS 12.1? If you are, it’s best that you update to iOS 12.2 because the previous version puts users under serious privacy issues. With simple Facetime trick, you can spy on anyone through their front camera and even a kid can do this. Apple spokesperson encourages users to update to the new update after weeks of less urgent reports compared to their previous fatal bug.

Recently, Apple released an update on a new iOS version, iOS 13. recently released news of Apple’s unorthodox method to improve sales with the release of iOS 13. The new version won’t be supporting four flagship products: iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air. While both iPhone 5 and 6 received the newest update, it was unusual for Apple to eliminate iPhone 6 from the new update recipients list.

Security breach: iPhone owners can spy others on Facetime through their front camera with iOS 12.1.

This means Apple is pushing owners of previous versions to upgrade their hardware. Of course, this move to increase their sales will cause a lot of users to lose the support of the newest security system and new features that came with iOS 13.

This is coupled with the release of new iPhone XR2 designs that gained negative receptions. However, on a positive note, iOS still provides support up to five generations, i.e, the iPhone 6 receives support for 5 iOS generations. Android had only recently increased their support to three generations.

New iOS 13 update will keep a lot of iPhone users out in the cold.

While iPhone 6 might have received up to five years of support, iPhone SE is still selling and only got to their third year. Losing iOS support means users will either have to stick with what is left or upgrade to a newer iPhone.

iPhone users have long been known as loyalists with previous CEO, Steve Jobs, doing incredible jobs on every release of their flagship product. Yet, with the serious bug on their 12.1 updates, unfriendly customer service and shocking news release of iOS 13, users seem to be tested and questioned why they love and stay with Apple.

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