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iPhone 11R Is Issued To Come With These Features And In These Colors

Apple might release three different models this year and based on how the announcements are usually made, we might be able to see a next model of iPhone XR next month. There’s a lot of going about on the leaks of the model and what people call it.

There have been several leaks, but what seems to be the most recent leak came along with one of Galaxy Note 10+. Uploading by Ice Universe, a well-known smartphone leaker, we see the back of what seems to be a familiar design. Ice calls it iPhone XR 2019 meanwhile TechRadar dubs the phone as iPhone 11R.

Revealed by Mark Gurman, who’s also a reporter on Bloomberg when it comes to everything Apple, that these are supposedly cases moldings for the new iPhone. He also explains that the codename for this model is N104 and that it will have a similar design to the current one.

And this may have remained as the biggest concern because it has also been rumored that successors of iPhone XS and XS Max will be equipped with a triple camera while the XR will have a dual camera. Because of that, the iPhone had a radical design on the back, featuring a square housing that lines the cameras in zig-zag.

The render below was posted by Ice Universe right after the leak of Note 10+ with the reflection of the XR 2019.

Most sources believe that the XR 2019 or iPhone 11R will get the only dual camera while the iPhone 11 will get triple. Thus, people have been debating over whether it’s going to be a telephoto or wide-angle lens that’s added. The image signal processor will also be boosted and those who love selfies will finally be able to take better one with 12MP front camera. A glass layer is also added for better picture quality.

Added to these are the rumors that Apple has patented underwater photography lens, but we will never know if Apple will ever incorporate this in the 11R or if it will be featured at all. If it does, it’s most likely to be found in iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Max.

Aside from that, we’ve also seen the leaks of possible color choices Apple decided to go with this year for iPhone 11R.

The XR 2019 might not feature OLED and still have LCD but with better quality. It will also have a larger battery, but only by 5% compared to its predecessor. The XR 2019 is rumored to have a 3,110 mAh battery which is probably good enough considering the XR had the best battery life out of the three models.

There have been rumors of 18W charger being included in the box, but it’s actually more likely that the phone will stick to the slow charging it has always come with. It’ll also definitely run on iOS 13.

As for price, with the basic 64 Gb model for XR starting at $749, we know the next model won’t experience that much of a price increase. It might start from the same price to no further than $799.

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