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Japan Gives Green Light To Create Human-Animal Hybrids


Japan Gives Green Light To Create Human-Animal Hybrids

Surprising news indeed!!

The human-animal hybrids are now set for development at the University of Tokyo. Coming after the Japanese government lifted a ban on the controversial stem-cell research, the director of the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Hiromitsu Nakauchi at the University and Team Leader at Standford’s Lab was the first to receive the approval for the experiments.

The questionable experiments, however, attempt to grow the human cells in rat and mouse embryos before proceeding to term in a surrogate animal.

“We didn’t expect to develop human organs instantly, but this permits us to improve on our research based on the Know-how we have gained up to this point,” Nakauchi told The Asahi Shimbun.

With many such studies often tagged as challenging God, many scientists said the goal and objective of this experiment are far from sinister. Specifically, it’s posited that developing animals with organs from the human cells will develop organs that can be used for transplants in humans.

Nevertheless, a life science specialist, Jiro Nudeshima has expressed severe doubts about the authenticity of the research:

“If the goal of such studies is to find a therapeutic application for humans, experiments on mice and rats are unlikely to produce a useful result because the size of the organ will not be adequate and the finding will be a far cry from humans anatomically,” Nudeshima stated.

Scientist in Japan has however been permitted to discover the hybrid embryos for some period of time but was restricted from proceeding a 14-day growth period. Earlier in March, the policy got changed when Japan’s education and science ministry disclosed that such experiments could be brought to full term.

Source: Telegraph

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