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Jennifer Lawrence Only Acted in Dark Phoenix Because of Kinberg


Jennifer Lawrence Only Acted in Dark Phoenix Because of Kinberg

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was close to finishing before the director decided to change the ending completely and reshoot all the scenes. The delay, however, is probably worth it because it had seemed that the movie’s ending is similar to a Marvel franchise, presumably Captain Marvel.

The movie is set to become a conclusion to the iconic mutant-filled movies that have spanned nearly 20 years. But it was thanks to the cast that everything managed to get together with Simon Kinberg writing and directing the movie. Bryan Singer was not returning for another installment after X-Men: Apocalypse.

“…at the end of finishing X-Men: Apocalypse, when it was clear Bryan Singer was not going to direct the next movie, it was the actors that approached me about directing the next of the X-Men movies.

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“Jennifer especially. Jen said she wouldn’t come back for another movie unless I directed it. So, I had a lot of support from them,” Kinberg on the cast involvement that got him the job.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared to be the most enthusiastic one in getting Kinberg to direct the movie. And Kinberg points out that while it adds up to his responsibilities, it didn’t change the story or his approach to the movie.

“The writing and the producing and now the directing, they are all different job titles, but I approach them all the same way…in all cases I am looking at it from, how do I tell the best possible story with the richest themes and the deepest, most resonant characters? Each of those jobs, I feel like that is my responsibility.”

The reason for the closure of the long-standing franchise was Disney’s big movie to acquire 20th Century Fox. X-Men will be handed over to Marvel Studios and there might be talks of crossover between the two realms.

But Simon Kinberg admits he has no idea of what the big change can do to the series, “We’ll have a meal every now and then, though obviously we’ve both been pretty busy over the past however many years. We met just before the Disney merger was made official, so we didn’t talk about any business.”

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