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Keanu Realize He’s The Internet’s Boyfriend, And His Admirable Reaction Goes Viral


Keanu Realize He’s The Internet’s Boyfriend, And His Admirable Reaction Goes Viral

He has been exploding on the Hollywood scene since 90s

Recently, Keanu Reeves has been the trending actor around the internet. Since he had admitted he was a lonely guy looking for love, reports have been revealing his true personality. Even though he hasn’t found the partner he seeks, the internet has however granted him that.

Starring in John Wick 4 and with his appearance in Always Be My Maybe, the internet has re-awakened its passion for the Canadian actor and tagged him its “Boyfriend.

On Tuesday, at the premiere of Toy Story 4, a reporter had asked the 54-Year-old actor what he feels about the new relationship, but his admirable oblivious response has now made his supporters and fans love him even more. 

Keanu Reeves was questioned at the Toy Story 4 premier what he feel of his title as the internet boyfriend, and his answer was memorable.

The John wick actor, who was been questioned by People Magazine was on a red carpet for the Toy Story 4, plays a daredevil, motorcycle obsessed toy called Duke Caboom. While approaching Reeves, the reporter was however eager to address the internet love with the actor as she questioned him of his title “Boyfriend”.

Surely, Reeves responded with an admirable manner, yet confused with the question.

Actors are, however conversant with shipping relationship with other actors, but with the internet, it’s kinda of rare.

While trying to clarify her question by stating that people had been gushing over the actor, again and again, Reeves found the title quite Wacky, but was appreciative for all the support and love and stated that “the positivity was great.

Watch the full interview here:

Reeves had been exploding on the Hollywood scene since the 1990’s and fans are re-awakening their love for him due to his recent role and news about his personality.

The interview did spark an out roar on Social Media, and here’s what fans are saying:

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