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Keanu Reeves In Talks to Join Marvel Universe’s The Eternals


Keanu Reeves In Talks to Join Marvel Universe’s The Eternals

The role hasn’t yet to be disclosed.

Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe does not have an as clear schedule as Phase 3 did. However, we do know that The Eternals is happening and it’s only a matter of time before the stars are set and filming starts. Meanwhile, Black Widow standalone movie filming has begun in Norway.

We heard great news about the cast of The Eternals; John Wick actor, Keanu Reeves is in talks to act in the movie. The role Reeves is proposed to play in is not yet clear, but Richard Madden has been rumored to portray Ikaris in the movie.

Alongside Keanu Reeves, if he signs the deal, other than Richard Madden would be Angelina Jolie as Sersi and Kumail Nanjiani & Ma Dong Seok portraying mysterious roles in the movie.

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Keanu Reeves left Captain Marvel due to conflicting schedules.

Reeves has been repeatedly reported to show interest in the Marvel Universe and was even considered to appear in Captain Marvel, but had to drop that due to schedule conflicts. Signing on the deal will mark Keanu Reeves first involvement in the MCU. If he rejects this, there is still another role Reeves’ showed interest in: Wolverine.

The Eternals will begin pre-production as soon as Black Widow filming wrapped up. The Eternals is slated to hit the theaters in 2020 and will be directed by Chloé Zhao.

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